About Us

We are a family business located in the South West of France, nearby the Spanish border. We distribute BYS products since 2013 in France and work closely with BYS brand owners, GFA, based in Melbourne, Australia.

We started our business as an online BtoC seller for the French market. Throughout the years, we have also developed BtoB sales towards various retailers such as chain stores, independent shops, beauty institutes…

We handle all logistics internally, maintaining a substantial stock of items in our warehouse, and we ship around 500 000 pcs per year. In 2023, we launched the bysmakeup.eu website in order to supply EU retailers willing to distribute BYS products without having to import full containers from Australia.

This website offers a wide selection of BYS best sellers, with over 600 skus for eyes, lips, face and nails. Novelties are made available every 4-5 months, and we also distribute the MY Essentials brand, a range of affordable makeup below 2€ RRP.

All our products are fully EU approved and have collected many positive customer reviews throughout the years. Given the success we’ve met in France, we strongly believe in BYS potential on the European market. The brand offers excellent value for money, with a wide range of quality and trendy products. We’re willing to help every serious company who wants to distribute the brand on their market, by providing good margins, efficient marketing materials and reliable customer service.

Please feel free to contact us for any question or request :
xxx (Mon. to Fri. from 9h to 17h)